The Home That I Live In

Today’s bloganuary prompt is: “What irritates you about the home you live in?” Since the answer to that question is “nothing” (I love my home), I’m going to share a bit about my own home!

A few years back, I saw a lovely Malayalam movie called Jacobinte Swaragarajyam. The movie starts with an English song called “Home”. I’m sharing the same below:

I don’t think I have come across any other work of art that reflects the emotion of home. The following lines from the song aptly describe my feelings about home:

Home where my heart is form
Home where you can be always be found
Home where the heart can bloom
Come to the place I call home

For me, home is an emotion. I love every second that I spend at my home. My home is not a fancy place, it’s a small apartment located in the outskirts of the city of Kochi in an idyllic location. My wife and I struggled a lot to buy this beautiful little apartment. Every nook and corner of this place is the result of our blood, sweat, and tears. We both feel like ourselves here; it completes us, and has become a part of our lives.

It’s not just us, our cats love the home too. They enjoy every minute they spend here, and feel sad when they have to stay at the hostel (whenever we travel) – the excitement they feel when they come back home is heartwarming. I’m a huge fan of travel, and the wanderlust in me takes me places. But wherever I go, I yearn to come back home; and that feeling of stepping your foot inside home once you come back from your travels, is… priceless, to say the least.

Our home has seen everything – our highs, our lows, our joys and sorrows, our excitements and disappointments… everything. We recently had to stay away from home as we renovated our apartment, and those days made us miss our home a lot. But the moment we moved back after the renovation was complete, everything felt perfect.

As much as I love our Kochi home, for me, home is only complete with his inhabitants, my lovely little family comprising of my wife and our cats. For me, home is wherever my loved ones are, and they complete it!

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