What fear have I conquered?

Photo by Marcus Murphy on Pexels.com

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela

In an interesting prompt, Bloganuary asks me:What fear have you conquered?

I think I have a definitive answer to this one – that would be the fear of public speaking.

For the longest time, I was shit scared of getting up on stage and talking in public. I would feel my knees give away and my entire body tremble. Should I add that I was spectacularly bad at it too? Then somehow, it changed.

Looking back, I can’t pin point a particular moment when it happened, but I think it was sometime during college when I got more chances to be on stage. With every progressive appearance, I felt my fear give away to a weird confidence, sometimes even bordering on excitement. As time passed, I saw the fear reduce and the confidence grow.

As I stepped into my professional life, I found myself excited at the possibility of public speaking – especially my time at Automattic.

These days, if you ask me to get on stage, I would welcome it with both arms. Curiously enough, the fear has never left me – it is still there; but subconsciously I see it get transformed into a sense of excitement and nervous energy that prompts me to adopt an excited, energetic self, while on stage.

You would think that I would not be scared of public speaking at this point – hell no! The thought still scares me. As I mentioned, the nervous energy still overcomes me – but the trick is that I somehow discovered a way to channel it into a sense of excitement. Once I find my footing on stage, I am able to do my best out there.

So in the truest sense of the word, every time I get on stage, I conquer my fear of public speaking – once again!

This post was written as part of the Bloganuary challenge of WordPress.com. Bloganuary is a month-long challenge, where bloggers are challenged to write a new blog post every day, based on a daily writing prompt. You will need a WordPress.com account to get the prompts, but you can blog on any platform of your choice – OR even journal privately. Oh btw, there is no bloganuary police – so you can pick your own prompts if you wish to!

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