My Preferred Mode of Travel

American Airlines – New York by Library of Congress is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Today’s prompt asks me the question: “What is my preferred mode of travel?” My answer is simple – Flying.

Sure, it is not economical – flying is crazy expensive these days. And let’s not even get into the environmental impact a single flight causes on the planet; so much that many folks are mulling giving up flying altogether. Airlines are attempting to address this with various methods including carbon credits for flight; some airlines even claim that they are going net neutral very soon, which I take with a pinch of salt.

Nonetheless, if I’m being honest to myself, I love flying. I love it with all my heart. Especially the 14-17 hour long-haul flights.

Even in the cramped economy class seats, I somehow find my zen, it’s like you’re in a portal, on the way to your destination. I usually pick an aisle seat in my flights, walk around, daydream, read, watch movies in the in-flight entertainment system – it is a joy of its own. Flights give me a certain joy of solitude, of being alone in a crowd, the excitement of going to a dream destination. I am thrilled at every opportunity to fly, and I find myself in my natural element in the air.

I know I’m not exactly helping the environment with my love for flying, and should probably consider alternate means of transport if I care two hoots about this planet. I do hope, someday, that we will have a sustainable form of flying – and let’s be real, a planet to live in too.

I’m going to stop this rambling by sharing my favorite in-flight promo video. The first ever time I traveled to the United States, I saw this video in a rickety inflight entertainment system in a Kochi – Doha Qatar Airways flight, it endeared me so much that I still find myself watching it. Sharing it here for your viewing pleasure, friends!

So, where (and how) do you want to go? 🙂

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