The Chore I find most challenging to do

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Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

I have a very simple prompt as my answer.

Every single chore in my life is challenging for me to do, period.

I hate chores, I hate them with a vengeance. If there is an alternate universe where I can NOT do chores, I would easily teleport myself there and use all my time to be in flow states and deep work. I despite chores with every cell in my being.

Now, going by that sentence, I can already see you judging me. In your mind, I’m that lazybones person who does not do any of their chores at home, only to overburden their household members or their spouse with all the work, living a comfortable life. I bet you thought that about me – you can be honest, I won’t judge you back! 😉

But I’m happy to say that you’re wrong. 🙂 In this household, we do our best to divide work equally, and whenever possible, I go the extra mile (by doing more than my half).

But… how is that even possible? I even find myself asking this question sometimes. I hate chores right?

It… doesn’t make sense.

I know, I know… hear me out!

I am able to do my chores, because I don’t consider them to be chores, I embrace them as part of life, as routines!

As of today (January 2023), my life is built around an elaborate set of routines. And I do them everyday like clockwork, it feels like a part of life, and I don’t feel like I’m putting any effort when I make tea every morning, do the dishes, clean the house and the kitchen, clear our cat’s litter, and routinely dust and clean the house. I find myself humming a tune, sometimes listening to an A.R. Rahman melody OR an audiobook in my airpods, cracking jokes with my wife, and playing with my cats as I do it. Sometimes, I even break into an impromptu dance routine. It’s all thanks to the magic of routines and mindfulness.

My secret sauce is that I try to apply myself into everything I do, and to enjoy each task I undertake. And I do it regularly enough with the magic of cues, routines, rewards, to ensure that it happens regularly, and automatically. The result of this is that things work like clockwork!

Of course, I still hate routines – there are moments when the routine breaks down, and I find myself doing a task that I absolutely abhor – like cleaning the clogged drain, for instance. I find myself in a fit of rage, desperation, anger, pain, and what not in such situations. In such situations, I try my best to be mindful, to focus on the task at hand, and to apply myself to it – even in the worst of situations, there is nothing an A.R. Rahman melody cannot soothe!

Oops, I lost myself rambling on here, gotta go! Time for my next “chore”! 🙂

This post was written as part of the Bloganuary challenge of Bloganuary is a month-long challenge, where bloggers are challenged to write a new blog post every day, based on a daily writing prompt. You will need a account to get the prompts, but you can blog on any platform of your choice – OR even journal privately. Oh btw, there is no bloganuary police – so you can pick your own prompts if you wish to!


  1. ” Now, going by that sentence, I can already see you judging me”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I did not. But yeah, I think facing them as part of your daily routine is a good idea. It has to be done, right? In my case, it’s the fact that I hate more when it’s not done. Like I absolutely hate seeing the sink full of dirty dishes, so I wash them. My friends call me Monica Geller (from Friends) and say that I love cleaning. I don’t love it, I just hate when things are not clean more

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    • Oh yeah, I hear you about the tasks that need to be done – which is why I started doing them as a routine. These days, when I do the dishes it does not feel like a chore, even. I even find some sort of zen doing it.

      So you can say that like you, I too am channeling my inner Monica Geller these days. 🙂 And I’ll be honest – it feels awesome (and doesn’t feel like a chore either!)

      Liked by 1 person

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