A memorable gift that I had received

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is a tough one! A memorable gift, huh? I had to put on my thinking hat for that one.

I have been lucky enough to get a lot of gifts over the few decades of my existence in this planet – from family members, friends, relatives, coworkers, even random folks. It is hard to pick up the best one though.

The ones that have really touched me are from my wife. She always manages to floor me with her love, which she frequently expresses in the form of surprise gifts. Sometimes, she makes my day with a random gift, knowing fully well that I need something. Sometimes she goes out of her way to surprise me – it all makes me think, do I deserve all this love and care?

Recently, a coworker thoughtfully gifted me a legit quill and ink as a gift, knowing my passion for the written word. It was such a lovely gesture that I am quite thankful for!

With all that said, I think the most memorable or the best gift that I have received is this life.

To be alive in Planet Earth in these exciting times, is the best thing I could have asked for. This life has been immensely gratiating. I have had the pleasure of experience the peaks of happiness and joy. The occasional intense lows I faced, balanced the highs, but made me feel grounded. The experiences I have had, the possessions that I enjoy, the relationships that I have had, the conversations, the moments spent in solitude, the time I have spent reading and writing, the times I watched fun movies with loved ones, my travels… all that has been nothing but the best.

The best thing about the gift of life is that it keeps on giving. I feel that I have only seen the tip of the iceberg, and that there is more to come. But if at all something happens, and the gift of being alive in this beautiful planet shall end, I will leave knowing fully well that this life has been beautiful.

The more days I spent being alive, the more I appreciate the beauty around me. What really excites me is the uncertainty of it, you never know what could happen the next second – you might find yourself on a plane to your dream destination, or you might get hit by a car on the road; you might be playing with your pets or delivering pizza for a friend.

The most memorable thing about this gift of life is that it keeps on giving, and if you really keep your eyes open, you will begin to relish it to the fullest.

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