An interview with a fictional character

I grew up reading TinTin, and I’m one of his biggest fans. TinTin is the superstar of every journalist. Armed with grit and determination, TinTin righted wrongs with his pen, putting gangsters behind bars with his stories!

In a parallel universe, I managed to catch the Belgian reporter at his Belgian residence located at 26 Rue De Labrador. We chatted a bit about his life, adventures, and memories

Me: So good to meet you, TinTin! Huge fan here; I grew up reading your stories!

TinTin: Thank you, you are too kind!

Me: I thought you lived in the Marlinspike hall these days? What brings you here, to your old place?

TinTin: Well, you know how the good old captain could be. I never let go of my apartment when I moved to Marlinspike. These days I divide time between this place and Marlinspike. But honestly, I like it here more!

Snowy, who was lying down near TinTin, gives me a curious look, as if he wanted to say something.

Me: Well, one thing I have always been in awe of, was your respect for values and your unending passion to find the truth. How are you able to stay righteous?

TinTin: I don’t have an answer to your question. I just trust my gut and do what it says. I do feel that I have a great responsibility to fight for the truth. It is simply second nature for me to fight for the truth and justice.

Me: Interesting! Well, you seem to have so many talents. I would not be surprised if you joined the special forces even. But you choose to be a reporter. Why?

TinTin (smiles): Being a reporter is what I do best. I don’t consider myself to be an authoritiy in law enforcement. I want to bring out the truth and share it with the world. My quest for the truth takes me through different journeys, and I admit – many a time, I have fought and defeated bad guys, and have worked closely with law enforcement too. You must have read about my tryst with the mobs of Chicago. But I prefer to stick to reporting rather than law enforcement. It’s not just because that’s what I prefer – but I believe it helps me make the people of the world aware of the world. I consider my mission complete if I can do that!

Me: That’s just brilliant – I wish the journalists of today learned from you! I have another question though, I read somewhere that you were born in 1929, but you look no older than 18! What is the secret behind your youthful looks?

TinTin: You should ask that to Hergé, really. But, on a serious note, I think I will never age because my life and my work, is timeless.

Me: I agree! I have one last question for you – what message do you have for today’s journalists?

TinTin: You ask a tough question! Journalism is in 2022, is a lot different from my time. Today’s journalists have a lot more power in their hands thanks to technology. But I see them lose their voice in the process. I could not help but think of my own adventures when I see today’s journalists. I did what I did on my own – be it tackling gangs, or drug networks, or recovering treasures. I had grit and drive coupled with an urge to uncover the truth and fight for the common good driving me. I faced death so many times, and almost got killed too. But I am here, standing before you, because I did what I did with conviction. Maybe that’s what made me timeless… Many people have told me that my actions have made the world better. I don’t know if that’s true, but everything I did was with the goal of making this world a little better.

I just have one advice to journalists of today. Your voice has an impact, and you have the power to change the world with your words. Use that power wisely. Hold on to the truth, and fight with tooth and nail to reveal it. Become the voice of the voiceless. And to do that, you need not go on adventures like me, all you need is to report the truth around you.

Me: That was fabulous! Thank you for your time!

TinTin: The honour is mine. I wish you all the best!

This post was written as part of the Bloganuary challenge of Bloganuary is a month-long challenge, where bloggers are challenged to write a new blog post every day, based on a daily writing prompt. You will need a account to get the prompts, but you can blog on any platform of your choice – OR even journal privately. Oh btw, there is no bloganuary police – so you can pick your own prompts if you wish to!

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