A year to time travel to

If I could pick a year to time travel to, I would pick 1998.

Why? Because I love the nineties! Oh, what exciting times they were?

I would probably go back and have fun with all the nineties technology. Good old CRT TVs, a nice funky VCR, landline phones, Pentium II computers with a whopping 64 Gigs of RAM running Windows 98! I almost forgot gaming consoles from Nintendo and Sega. And PS1!

This was also when books were in vogue and internet was still in the dial up stage. This was when you installed software using CDs! And when you bought audio tapes and CDs for music. Google was born that year as an experiment too! Digital cameras were slowly entering the market.

In other words 1998 seemed like the perfect intersection of the 90s and 2000s.

I’ve said this before in this blog, but where the heck is a DeLorean when you need one?

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