Incorrect Assumptions

It’s natural to assume something of someone. When you meet someone new, you tend to make images of them in your head, which could be based on a lot of external characteristics – or simply based on spontaneous assumptions in your head. Unless you are Sherlock, chances are that your assumptions are wrong.

I myself have made wrong assumptions about people so many times that I have stopped assuming things of people. It helps me keep an open mind when knowing people. And almost always, I find myself (positively) surprised too. Of course, my mind gives me ideas about folks, but I try not to metamorphose them into assumptions, and keep them with myself.

Now when I have assumed things about others, it is only natural to admit that folks have made assumptions about me.

The most common one that comes to my mind is that I am vegetarian or vegan. And that I do not eat beef. Well, the folks that know me would know that it could not be farther from the reality. 😉 I am an omnivore in the truest sense of the word, and a foodie too. I used to handle the F&B Beat in my tenure as a journalist and I enjoy every dish – especially beef. Yup, I have no beef with beef. 😋

When I was in school and college, people assumed that I was a studious kid that was I very academically inclined. They probably attributed it to my geek-like apprarance. To be honest, this has gotten me some brownie points too. But the stark reality was that I was just as average as the nearest kid. Or rather, if I’m being brutally honest with you, I was a below average kid. I routinely surprised people around me by scoring low marks for exams when they expected me to top the class. It was fun, in a way. 😬

The other common assumption about me is that I toe the line of established traditions in my culture. Well, sorry to break that bubble, but I happen to be a certified misfit. To quote some examples:

  • I am one half of a childfree couple – yep, I don’t plan to have kids. Like ever. 🤷‍♂️
  • I quit a “cozy” government bank job to work in a private company, which is sacrilege in India.
  • I chose to work remotely, and have been doing so for over five years. People never figured out remote work, until the pandemic started.
  • I try to keep my outlook and thoughts as progressive as possible. I believe in the core values of equality and secularism. My politics are largely left-leaning. However, I strongly acknowledge and espouse the value of free enterprise. Just this set of beliefs are making me a pariah in many circles.
  • I am sometimes vocal about certain established traditions in the Indian society, which not a lot of folks are fond of.

The list goes on…

If there’s one thing I have learned from my own experiences with assumptions, it is that if you assume something of someone, be prepared to be proven wrong about them.


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