Something I Wish I Knew How to Do

I’m a wishful thinker, and I keep wishing for so many things. In fact, I yearn for things all the time. And, at any point in time, I keep yearning for something! It’s a fact.

Here’s a list of random things that I wish I’d knew how to do:

  • I wish I knew how to whistle properly. I whistle, but it’s a sad excuse of a whistle, really. 🙈
  • I wish I knew the butterfly stroke and the breast stroke in swim. I watch in envy as people effortlessly glide on water as I swim freestyle.
  • I wish I knew to draw, this is one of my pet peeves!
  • I wish I knew how to speed-read. This is something I’m working on right now, but I wouldn’t mind a 3000-5000 words per minute reading speed. 😬
  • I wish I knew how to compose music. I have dabbled with this in the past, but I don’t “know” it.
  • I wish I knew how to dance. Ok, we’re not talking about weird steps while no one’s watching!
  • I wish I knew how to multitask. Okay, maybe that was rhetoric. I’m happy with my newfound wisdom on deep work!

I could go on and on…

To summarize, the things I wish I knew how to do are way more than the things I know how to do. And some of the things I now know how to do are the things I once wished I knew.

I think I like this ratio of things I wish I knew versus things I knew skewed, the way it is right now. It eggs me on to continue my journey as a student of life!

This post was written as part of the Bloganuary challenge of Bloganuary is a month-long challenge, where bloggers are challenged to write a new blog post every day, based on a daily writing prompt. You will need a account to get the prompts, but you can blog on any platform of your choice – OR even journal privately. Oh btw, there is no bloganuary police – so you can pick your own prompts if you wish to!

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