My Favorite Toy as a Child

Okay, this is a fun Bloganuary prompt! 😀

When I was around two years old, someone gifted me a toy car. It wasn’t remotely fancy or pretty. It was a fairly big (for a two-year-old) yellow car made entirely of plastic. It did not even have actual wheels even, if memory serves me right. It was more like the model of a car, but still, it was a “car”, strictly speaking.

Now, I loved this toy car, and I wanted to play with it all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I had tons of other toys, but this one was special. Like I said, there wasn’t anything unique about this toy car. It did not look good, and it was actually of low quality even. But still, I would hold it in my hands all the time and would never ever let it go. It was like, I was obsessed by said yellow car.

My parents and relatives were fascinated by my obsession with this toy. I still have vague memories of when they would try to take the car away from me or hide it from my sight, only to result in me crying non stop until I got it back.

I kept this toy with me for the longest time, until I “lost” it (or should I say, my parents dumped it?) during a move when I was six or seven years old. I remember crying over it for. A long time, until letting it go, after finally resigning myself to the loss…

It was my OG life lesson on loss, and it is still etched in my mind.

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