Running for the next 30 days, as part of #wwwp5k 2021

Last year, I ran the #wwwp5k after a gap of 5 long years. My goal was to do it for the entire month of December, but unfortunately, that did not work out.

So, when Automattic (my employer) announced yet another Worldwide WordPress Marathon for the entire month of October, I jumped with joy (well, almost). I decided to give it another stab this time. I had geared myself up to kick start it on October 1, but then I fell sick.

Needless to say, I was crestfallen. I decided to call it off.

Well, this is a common occurence for me. I make plans around certain time periods (think: birthday resolutions, new year resolutions etc), and end up breaking them because I could not start them on the D Day!

It took me a while to realize the sheer lack of logic behind that justification.

Anyhow, empowered by this newfound realization, I was determined to do a 5k this morning! I had a thousand reasons not to do it. I forgot to take my apple watch (my faithful “fitness tracker”), and I forgot to wear the running gear I’d eagerly purchased from Decathlon a few weeks back! Heck, I was not even wearing running shoes – I was wearing a pair of floaters! It was like the universe (more like my lazy self) did not want me to go on a run today!

But, guess what? I did. I walked for 5 kilometres at a slow and steady pace of 15+ minutes per kilometre.

And it was awesome.

In an interesting coincidence, I also ended up wearing the same WordPress tee that I wore when I first ran WWWP5k in October 2015. What are the odds?

Josepha’s excellent session at WordCamp US had just gotten over, and I listened to it (thank God for livestream recaps!) as I casually strolled 5 kilometres in a hilly terrain. By the end of it, I found myself full of endorphins and mighty excited – I even stumbled upon on an idea (or two).

So what if I could not start on October 1? I started the #wwwp5k on October 2 (on the 152nd birthday of MK Gandhi, no less). I didn’t carry anytracking equipment or sports gear, and I walked in my floaters. But was in any less awesome? Heck no.

I’m totally going to “keep walking” for the next 29 days. And I hope to share my journey (semi) regularly in this blog. It needs some love anyway.

So, the moral of today’s story (more like a note to self) is: If you’re stopping yourself from your goals with excuses, as legitimate as they sound, maybe just jump out of your comfort zone and give it a try. Who knows? It might bring you one inch closer to your goal (and make you feel amazing too)!


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