Vegetable meat and buffellow (soliders?)

Who is up for a scrumptuous meal of vegetable meat? By vegetable meat, I mean vegetable chicken, vegetable pork, and vegetable fish, y’all. 😍 Wanna join me?

I stumbled upon this restaurant by accident earlier today and was immediately hooked by their menu that was prominently plastered outside. I mean, can it get any more exotic? 😋🤤

The highlight of this meal is the vegetable buffellow! Now that’s one interesting dish. It gets its name from hoardes of tireless buff fellow soliders who toiled hard to bring this dish to you from pure-vegetarian buffaloes… oops, sorry, I mean: “buffellows”.

Of course, they’re vegetarian “buffellows” and not co… oops!

Sorry I got sidetracked in my excitement and almost mentioned the C word, my bad. Please don’t lynch me. 🙈

But… my offer still stands! Ping me if you’d like to join me on that tasteful meal of vegetable chicken and vegetable “buffellow”! It’s my treat!

P.S. No co… *ahem* “buffellows” were killed while writing this post. But at least one “buff fellow solider” (a.k.a a Hapless Indian farmer that may helped grow and harvest the very same vegetables behind this lovely dish) would have ended their life out of sheer poverty while this post was being published.

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