I did a #wwwp5k, again

The title of this post says it. I took the Worldwide WordPress 5K, again, after five years. It felt no different from the first time!

What is this #WWWP5k, you ask

Quoting the WordPress.com blog:

If you’re like us, you’re eager to send 2020 off to the dustbin of history. So grab your running/walking/yoga shoes and join us as we resurrect the historic #wwwp5K and celebrate reaching the 2020 finish line! As an added incentive and in the spirit of the season, we’ve also created a special wwwp5K Givz page, where participants can make a donation to three of our favorite charities: Black Girls Code, Internet Archive, and the WordPress Foundation. Automattic will match every dollar donated to anyorganization through the Givz page, up to $50,000.

How did it feel like?

If you know me, well, I’m quite the sloth. I’m just a lazy bum that does not exactly have a lot of physical activity. Don’t get me wrong though; I like my long walks and runs, but they weren’t exactly happening, and the pandemic didn’t really help, either.

When this year’s #wwwp5k was announced, I was beyond thrilled! What a perfect opportunity to shake away all that sloth and do something I love! And that too, while supporting a noble cause!

I got a chance to take the 5k today, and I did it!

It felt no different from my first attempt – in many ways, this felt like an encore too. Since I was out of practice, I took it slow. The terrain was mountaneous, so I did not want to stretch myself too much. It was drizzling too, and I was wearing a mask! None of that stopped me until I got to the finish line, and that was an amazing feeling!

You can’t see me beaming underneath that mask! Oh btw, #wearamask

Whoa, all of this sounds cool! How do I take the #wwwp5k?

Anyone can participate in #wwwp5k! It’s simple, I’ll explain.

  1. Choose the terrain/track/road of your choice. You can even do it indoors on a treadmill, if you want!!
  2. Wear your most comfortable clothes and your favourite shoes. That’s not a requirement though, dress anyway you want!
  3. Run! Or walk, or skip. At any pace you want, for 5 kilometres (or 3.1 miles). You can measure the distance using your Smart phone or watch. If you’re wary of using technology to track your runs, a 5k is around 6000-7500 walking steps, or approximately 50-60 minutes of brisk walk.
  4. Optional: Once you’re done, share a selfie with the tag #wwwp5k on all blog and your social media pages.

Bonus points: Donate to your favourite charity on the #wwwp5k givz page. Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com) will match your donation up to $50,000.

Looking for some cool #wwwp5k swag? Get yours from the WordPress swag store!

So why wait? Get runnin’ already, you! 😍

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