2020 So Far

The other day, I saw this tweet, which said that 16% of 2020 is over:

It blew my mind.

Part of me still believes that January 1, 2020 was just yesterday. As I write this, we’re on the last day of February 2020, and 16% of the year is over.

Time (or your perception of it) flies!

I stepped into 2020 with a lot of expectations. I’ll be honest, it has not been a smooth ride so far. So far, it’s been a challenging year for me, personally, in several fronts. With the advent of global challenges like COVID-19, I guess I’m not alone.

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught me, it’s the value of resilience.

I’m an optimist by default. I always believe that good things are always ahead. Even as I expect the best, I’ve trained myself to “prepare for the worst”. Sometimes, the worst challenges life offers bring out the best in you. Fighting against those challenges could be an exciting propsect, which is something I’m gearing up for, even as I beckon some exciting, and positive challenges in my life.

This newfound skill to be resilient to the biggest problems in life will guide me as I march ahead in 2020.

Also, watch this space! You’ll hear more from me, in this blog in 2020! Yes, I plan to write more often, and this post is just a harbinger of what is to come!

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