Meeting An Old Friend

Earlier today, I met an old friend from school – Govind.

I honestly can't remember when we met last. Was it in 2015, for the wedding of a mutual friend? Or, did we get a chance to meet in 2014, before Govind enrolled for his MS Program in one of the top US Universities? He came home on vacation this year, and I'd never thought I'd get a chance to meet him (since I live in another city these days). Interestingly, I had to make a trip to my hometown to get some errands done, and the rendezvous happened!

Pleasantly enough, it didn't feel as if we had met after a long time! It still felt like we were teenagers, fresh out of school, having done and dusted with our 10th board exams – which was 14 years ago. From gawky teenagers, we've grown to become 29 year old young men! Govind is a Data Scientist with a leading US Bank, and I tinker with the web, and make customers happy, at Automattic.

We used to be benchmates at school. I still vividly remember, when teachers asked us to sit together in the 6th standard. Even though we were in the same class, we didn't know each other before this. Govind was studious, intelligent, and well-read. I still remember going through his 6th standard Social Studies project on the UN – where he had taken selected paper cuttings from The Hindu! I used to respect this guy for what he was, and what he is. He's one of the most genuine people I have known, and he hasn't changed a bit! I was pleasantly surprised that I still know his landline number at by-heart! (The last time I rang that number was in 2005, I guess?)

One thing I'm forever thankful for, is how he used to save me from the onslaught of another classmate, that used to bully me. Thankfully enough, this person left school the very next year, and Govind told me that he's changed a lot, and become a successful medical professional.

As we discussed life, the universe, and everything, over lime juice; I was reminded of the good old days at Loyola School and my jolly-band of classmates from school. We've all come a long way, spread out across the globe – from the US, to The Europe and South East Asia; but deep down, there is a connection that binds us all together. It was this connection, and those memories, that helped Govind and I to us start the conversation where we stopped a few years ago.

Life will go on, and time will fly, but it's friendships like these that keep us alive throughout our lifetime! Thanks for being my friend, Govind!

And cheers to all of you, Zero Six Guys! Can't wait to see, all of you very soon!

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